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Hair Tips: How To Spot Fake Curly Human Hair

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Curly human hair is the new cool and the best of them is the human hair. It’s not like synthetic hair is bad, but most people do not know how to maintain this type of hair. Another reason people prefer human hair is because of its lovely texture and the classy look it gives. Now when you speak about human hair, curly human hair is always looking super cute. It usually gives that mature yet refined look for the ladies.
curly human hairNow human hair is quite expensive now saying to want to buy a curly human is also expensive, I bet you won’t want to go through that financial effort and then realize you have just bought a fake human hair. So here are ways on how to spot fake curly human hair;
Do A Thorough Research
Before you decide to purchase curly human hair, it is important to do thorough research. So you can know what you are getting into. Research to know if you can maintain it as this is super important. Again you also need to know if the source from which you want to get the hair is a genuine one so as to avoid buying a fake weave.
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The cute thing about curly human hair is that curly hair is more expensive than normal straight hair. Most special offers, promos, giveaways for curly human hair usually comprise of fake human hair. It is important to note that when the price for your curly human hair is low then that hints that the might not be so original after all. This way you get to know how to spot fake curly human hair.
This is key. If the curly is hard, not smooth when you rub it downwards, is difficult to comb, my dear, that hair is not for you. An original human hair tends to be softer, shinier, and more durable than synthetic hair since they are made from actual human hair. The feeling is key, if it doesn’t feel right then it definitely not right.
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If there is excessive tangling, this can indicate it is synthetic hair. It is normal for human hair to tangle a little. Curly hair tangles but it usually have this soft look but not spongy look. The moment it starts to get spongy then you have got yourself fake curly human hair.
curly human hair
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