Food: 10 Unusual Food Combinations In Nigeria

Weird Food Combinations

Nigeria, we hail thee!!! In this great nation and country, people are known to be hardworking, enduring and persevering, especially when things are not going well for the family. Kudos to mothers and wives who make a great pot of soup with just Five hundred naira (#500).

African Food

The creative and enduring spirit of the people has brought about various innovation, including food and it’s combinations. These combos used to be peculiar to boarding school students, but over time, parents and family at large have joined to share in their delicacies. People now tend to bring ‘what is’ and ‘what is not’ to make good food, and guess what, these kinds of combinations tend to be sweet, for someone who has no food irritation (so to say).

Below are 10 of such combos which are really weird, although they ‘make brain’ to their eaters/combiners.

Bread and Palm Oil
Bread with Palm Oil
  1. Bread with Palm Oil. This seems like a weirder version of eating Bread with water.
  2. Rice with Ewedu (Jute Leaf)
  3. Gbegiri (Beans Soup) with Rice. Does this sound like people who eat this combo take the beans soup to be beans? Hmm
    Pap and Bread Weird Food Combination
    Pap and Bread
  4. Pap/Custard with Bread
  5. Bread with Noodles
  6. Spaghetti with Beans
  7. Egusi mixed with Okro Soup
  8. Custard/Pap with Noodles
  9. Soaked Garri with Biscuits (Fibre Active most especially)
  10. Bread with Fried Plantain. Okay, this is no longer funny, but how on earth do people eat bread and Dodo? Like how does it taste? Well, one should not be surprised. After all, it is called weird food combinations.

What other combo do you know? Feel free to add yours in the comment section.


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