Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Food: 6 Common Food That Would Help Boost Your Libido

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Low libido is a silent killer and has destroyed a lot of homes and relationship much more than they would accept they prefer to mask it with other issues rather than speak and try to seek active solutions, Forget those risky sexual enhancement drugs and try imbibing these foods into your diet would do you world of good, just like its usually said we’re what we eat.

Try these six foods to rev up your sex life.

1. Eggs: Poached, scrambled, fried, boiled, no matter how you make them, a couple of eggs will wake you up after a long day. Eggs are high in protein, which is a source of stamina, and they’re also low in calories. They are also a good source for an amino acid L-arginine, which has been shown effective in treating types of heart ailments and erectile dysfunction.

2. Watermelon: If you are looking for a sweet libido-booster, stick to a slice of watermelon. Although it’s 92 percent water, that remaining 8 percent of fruit is jam-packed with vital nutrients for sexual health. Researchers at the Texas A&M Fruit and Vegetable Improvement Center reported finding in 2008 that watermelon has ingredients that delivered Viagra-like effects to the human body’s blood vessels and could even aid in increasing libido.

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3. Black Raspberries: Both the berries and the seeds will transform your mind-set for getting in the mood. This phytochemical-rich food enhances both libido and sexual endurance. Consume 10 black raspberries or a tablespoon of seeds a few hours before getting busy.

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4. Ginger: Ginger helps circulation temperature adjustment, mucoid detoxification and also acts as a libido enhancer. Whether raw, in supplement form, or added to your favourite recipe or drink, ginger also lends itself to defence against flu.

5. Ginseng: Researchers at the University of Hawaii found that women who took a ginseng supplement significantly upped their libido in a month, and 68 percent also said their overall sex life improved dramatically.

6. Lettuce: Lettuce will spice up your sex drive. Iceberg lettuce contains an opiate that helps to activate sex hormones. Photo Credit: Getty

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