Five Subtle Ways To Flirt Without Appearing Desperate

Body language can say even more than words and it’s a lot more subtle, if you are trying to get the attention of your crush.
Send him the right signals without looking desperate by using these five tips:
1 Play With Your Hair: Fidding with your sends an instant flirt message to him. Playing with your hair and look at him will catch his attention and draw his eyes to your face.

2 Use Your Eyes: Use your eyes to grab his attention. If you are talking to him, then look into his eyes, as your talk. Just be careful to not look like you are staring.

3 Mind Your Posture: Stand up straight! Push your shoulders back and your chest out. This tip will make most men find you attractive.
4 Accidental Contact: Make him notice you by ‘accidentally’ touching him or bumping into him. Just bump against him or allow your hands to linger a while, if he passes you something.
5 Standing With Your Legs Crossed: Standing with your legs crossed is a definite sign that the person you want to have a good time of intimacy.

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