Fans War Affects Artistes, Artistes Should Speak Against It – Wurld

Nigerian blue-headed singer and songwriter, Sadiq Onifade, popularly known as Wurld
has aired his opinion on the effects of fans wars, comparison and setting up of artistes against one another.
The Mushin-born singer who appeared as the first guest on maiden episode of Smirnoff Infamous Mix, a television show hosted by producer, singer and disc jockey DJ Spinall, opened up on life, music, fans war and its effect on artistes.Fans War Affects Artistes, Artistes Should Speak Against It - Wurld
When asked if the fans have an idea of work he puts in his music, Wurld said he thinks some of them get it. “Most fans listen to music from feel. It takes somebody about 15 seconds to decide if they love something you spent about 6 months working on. I feel like some fans get it and a lot of people don’t get it”, he said.
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“Do you think that the fans try to undermine your work when they try to compare you to someone else?”, DJ Spinall asked. “I see people do it to other people as well so when I see everyone do it to people, I be like thsi is how una dey, na so una day. I don’t even take it personal anymore. The most important things is these days I just focus on my goals, one goal at a time”, Wurld replied.Fans War Affects Artistes, Artistes Should Speak Against It - WurldWhen asked if a fan has ever tried to incite him to biff someone else, Wurld said, “every other day. Every other day people just want your attention and they want interactions and get actual comments”. “Do you really think those fans on the opposite sides do not like the other side? I don’t really think so.  I think people just love the conversation. Without it, it’s not as fun, it’s good to talk about, it’s good to attack people.”
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“Some people take it maybe a lot further but for most people, I don’t think a lot of these fans hate the other side and vice versa. Some people be like I’m for this person and here in their house, they are dancing to the other’s. The people who start the drama don’t really care that much, they just start a trend.”Fans War Affects Artistes, Artistes Should Speak Against It - Wurld
“Speaking further, Wurld revealed that he had his first mental break down in January and he was unable to sleep, didn’t know what to believe, felt like he has no “Early this year, I actually broke down, I never mentioned it. Many people think this guy’s energy is different but I actually broke down for the first time. I am that guy that shows up with the same vibe and energy every time but for the first time in my life, I felt like I wasn’t sure, I felt scared, I felt broken, I felt like I didn’t have vision, I didn’t know what to believe, what to feel, I didn’t know what felt right, it wasn’t physical, I had no motivation.”
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“I had to stop my recording, I had to turn everything off, I had to get some sleep, I had to get some sleeping aide from my sister, I tried to force myself to sleep, that helped. It was scary because for the first time I felt out of control. I felt I had always had control and the control is really large. Being in control is like things happen but you brush it to the side because you wanna keep going”, he said. He, however, added that some take it too far and it pulls others to do the same thing and eventually affects the artistes. Wurld also opined that artistes whose fans bully others should speak against it, whether they like the bullied or not.
Fans War Affects Artistes, Artistes Should Speak Against It - Wurld
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