Watch Moment #EndSARS Lagos Protesters Chased Away ProSARS Thugs

The #EndSARS protesters are staying steadfast with their demands and true to their cause as they continue to make their voices heard while also protecting their right to continue their civil protest as they fought back against #ProSARS thugs who tried to infiltrate their civil protest and disrupt it. #EndSARS Vs ProSARS In Abuja and Lagos READ ALSO: #EndSARS: ProSARS Thugs Attack Protesters In Abuja

Videos have been shared earlier where #ProSARS thugs attack #EndSARS protesters in Abuja destroying cars and properties during their attacks, they also tried to do the same in Lagos at Alausa but this time they met a much stronger resistance. The #EndSARS protesters fought chased them back from the depths of hell from which they came out from.

They intend to maintain the protest as much as civil as possible and won’t let some bunch of nitwits hijack their cause distorting their goals and cause for the protest.

Watch Video below;

Photo Credit: Getty

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