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Movie Review: Nancy Isime Deserves An Accolade In ‘Superstar’, No Cap

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For the first time, we have a movie that captures Nollywood itself in lense, script, and lines and it is this well-put-together movie, Superstar, directed by Akhigbe Ilozobhie.

Up-and-coming actor Queen navigates life and love while trying to find the balance between artistry and stardom. She is faced with a lot of trials along the way and how she overcomes every one of them makes this movie worthwhile. Superstar features Nollywood stars such as Nancy Isime, Timini Egbuson, Teniola Aladese, Deyemi Okanlawon, Blossom Chukwujekwu, Daniel Etim-Efiong, Eku Edewor,  Ufuoma McDermott, and others.
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This unique piece centers its theme on love, betrayal, fame and fandom. As usual, let’s dig in; the storyline couldn’t have been more perfect, one can see how it builds up from a young lady struggling to make it as an actor in Nollywood, she finally blows and makes it, only to be faced with obstacles, she overcomes them, finds love and grows in the process. The fact that they didn’t give us life in Hollywood or any other wood (lol) but used Nollywood and depicted it perfectly is worth commending. Also, the power a celebrity’s fanbase possesses comes into play. The current craze of fandom, I Stan, and fave which has dominated this generation is well captured. We have to say, the storyline was well crafted, leaving no stone unturned, and it had just the right amount of suspense. Coming to the characterization, we have to give it to the director and anyone else who contributed to picking the cast because this movie Superstar had the right cast for the role. Starting with Nancy Isime (Queen Ejiro), see this damsel is definitely a superstar, she deserves to win an award for her role in this movie because she made it so relatable and realistic. Her emotions, delivery, expressions, intonation, just name it, were all on point. Another person who ate up his role was Daniel Etim-Efiong (Hassani Ghadi), he is good, no seriously, he is good, he had every expression down to the T.
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Hassani and Queen had us falling in love with them and crying with them, great combo, the two of them. Another duo that had us screaming and shooting daggers at them with our eyes was Delarin (Timini Egbuson) and Cynthia (Teniola Aladese), God! they played the bad guys so well. Now that’s the thing, when you can get your audience to hate you for being bad to the protagonist in a movie, then it’s a job well done. Let’s not forget Babs (Deyemi Okanlawon), he was the perfect talent manager, he really depicted how talent managers in Nollywood act, and Teni (Eku Edewor) was just amazing as usual. superstar movieThe height of verisimilitude achieved in this movie is just amazing, for instance, in the scene where Queen, Teni, and Hassani went to see the family of the man she killed, the reaction of the man’s wife was typical and realistic, well played right there. Come on, we can’t forget the roller coaster of emotions Queen, Hassani, and Delarin generated from us effortlessly, thumbs up all the way. The costume and makeup were very on point from one scene to another. The fact that the cinematography and photography were perfect just made the costume and makeup pop more. Another high point of this movie was the kissing and sex scene, my God, it was apt and very believable. At a point, one begins to wonder if Daniel Etim-Efiong is married because of the way he made the sex scene with Nancy Isime so real, and the moans from Cynthia and Delarin was so real; like we can just keep saying real, real, real for everything so let’s leave it there. Again the musicality was just too apt. There is nothing like having the right song for the right scene and ensuring your audience and viewers feel what the character is feeling at that moment, and this was definitely not lacking in this film.
Final Thoughts
The movie Superstar is the total package, no cap. It checks every box possible, hence it gets an 8/10, yes an 8, it’s worth the watch. Well done guys.       Trending video of the day;

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