Sunday, April 2, 2023

Aunty Aurora, My Husband Spends More Time On Video Games And Watching Football, Than With Me And Our Children

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Dear Aunty Aurora,

I’d hoped myhusband would change his ways but that shows no sign of happening. I feel like a single parent. We have been married for eight years and have two small boys. I look after them all the time. He’d rather play computer games all day than help out with the kids. We never go out as a family.

I am 33 but I feel life is passing me by. I have lost any loving feelings for him and can’t remember the last time we had sex. Should I divorce him? Thanks, Yemisi, Lekki

Dear Yemisi,

Talk first. Find a time when the boys are in bed and you won’t be interrupted. Say how unhappy you are and how damaging it is for your sons. Make sure he sees divorce is on the cards.

Don’t just demand he’s more helpful generally. Have a detailed list ready of exactly what you need him to do each day if your relationship is to survive. Write down what you do, so he understands he’d just be shouldering his share.

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