Aunty Aurora: My Aunt Wants A Relationship With Me After Her Husband Died, Is Sleeping With Her Wrong?

Dear Aunty Aurora, I’m a man who lives alone and recently my aunt’s husband passed away.

Over the past few weeks she has been visiting me and has made it clear that she would like a relationship with me. I have slept with her occasionally, the sex is intense and always feels very intimate.
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Her body is great and better than most young girls. She just altogether fabulous and amazing in bed.

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I have to admit, she’s very attractive, dresses very alluringly and flirts strongly. She is 63 and I’m 43, but I really like her. She’s asked if she could be staying some weekends. Would it be wrong to fully give in to her? Thanks Ade, Lekki – Lagos.

Dear Ade,
You don’t make it clear if your aunt is related by blood or marriage (I suspect the former) but, either way, are you really considering this? I think in writing to me you know this would be wrong on so many levels and could damage your other family relationships forever.
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It is illegal in Nigeria for a nephew and aunt to have a sexual relationship, so that should be all you need to know to stop this flirtation and hookup before anything more happens.

You’re a single guy and maybe lonely, and your aunt has turned up on your doorstep offering herself to you on a plate. But don’t give in just because she’s there – you have choices.

Now life is opening up again after coronavirus, what you need to focus on is yourself, getting out more and meeting up with friends and new people.

So, say no to weekends at your place and no to more sexual relationship. Trust me, nothing good can come of this.

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