Aunty Aurora: I’m Having The Hottest Affair With My Son’s Married Teacher And I Can’t Stop

Dear Aunty Aurora, I am having the hottest affair with my son’s teacher and all I can think about is that I want more.

We sneak out together when we can to meet at local beauty spots or organise cheap hotels out of town.

It started when my son was being bullied. He is eight and wears glasses. The other kids in class were so cruel. He kept crying, so I went in to see his new teacher.

This teacher was very kind, telling me he’d handle the bullies. Then he suggested my boy join the football team he was starting, in order to boost his confidence.

I couldn’t stop fantasising about this guy. He’s 32 and gorgeous with eyes that go right through you. I’m 31 and my husband is 35.

This teacher called me two nights later to see how things were. Then he said: “There’s another reason for my call. I keep thinking about you.”

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He suggested we meet for a drink. I told my husband I was going out with a girlfriend.

The teacher told me his wife was the head of another school and had strong ambitions, leaving little time for him and their daughter. As we walked to my car, I was willing him to kiss me.

When he leaned in, it felt so good to feel his lips on mine and our bodies pressing against each other.

The following week, we met again in a hotel and the sex was off the scale.

My husband is not sympathetic and has no patience, unlike my lover.

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When I told him about the bullying, he told our son to “man up”. My son just cried.

I don’t think I love my husband any more.

The passion my lover and I share is so intense. I want to be with him every day. Thanks Agatha, Lagos.

Dear Agatha:
You are enjoying the sex but then he goes back to his wife. Sex without love is soul-destroying. You say he is kind but what else is he offering?

Your son being bullied for wearing glasses is one thing but his mum having a fling with his teacher could have catastrophic consequences for him if word got out.

Remember why you fell in love with your partner. He might seem hard but perhaps this more macho approach was what drew you in. If he is a good dad, it is worth trying to salvage your marriage.

If things need to change, let your husband know.

If your sex life is flagging, tell him where you want to be touched and kissed to bring back those thrills.

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