Friday, October 15, 2021

Abuja University Student Discovers New Treatment For Breast Cancer

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A female student of the African University of Science and Technology, Abuja has discovered an alternative treatment for breast cancer.Sandra Musujusu, who is a Sierra-Leonean native, disclosed that her research focuses on the aggressive sub-type of breast cancer which is common in African women but the research might lead to a lasting solution in the treatment of breast cancer for women all around the world.Her research aims to develop bio-degradable polymer material using macromolecular science, which could be used as an alternative treatment for breast cancer in the near future. The Pan African Materials Institute (PAMI) is sponsoring the research.Musujusu stated: “My research is actually centered on the development of bio-degradable polymers for treatment of breast cancer. “I will be focusing on triple negative breast cancer which is actually the aggressive sub-type of breast cancer that is common with women from African ancestry. “I believe there is a bright future for Africa, and as a woman there is much more we can do if we are empowered. “This award given to me by PAMI has empowered me to face my studies with more confidence and actually contribute to the frontier of knowledge and move Africa forward.”
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