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7 Nigerian Celebrities That Should Use The Newly Introduced Birth Control For Men Urgently

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In as much as baby mamas are peculiar to male singers and many wives to Muslims, controlling the number of children one has is a duty of both parents and not the woman alone. But what we have seen over the years, is the women shouldering the responsibility of getting birth control done as theirs are the easiest to be carried out. This has made the equation unbalanced, leaving men so free to sow their seeds anytime, anywhere and anyhow while the women have to be the ones cautious, counting days, taking pills and ensuring pregnancy doesn’t come at the unwanted time.
Aside that, men are mostly carefree as the society has stereotyped the female gender to be the one to receive blame for everything that happens and in order to prevent that, the women need to be up and doing.
But now, glory be to God, thanks to scientists, a new birth control for men has been invented and it is just an INJECTION! And yeah, as seen in the picture below, so will it be administered. It involves injecting a polymer, made of a compound called Styrene Maleic Anhydride, into the vas deferens, effectively blocking sperm from leaving the testicles.
According to scientists in India, the injectable male contraceptive that lasts approximately 13 years has successfully completed a clinical trial and is waiting for approval. The contraceptive is designed as a replacement for surgical vasectomy, which is the only male sterilisation method available in the world. The good news is that the injectible could be available to the public within the next seven months, according to the Indian scientists.
See why the Male Birth Control is necessary here.
As soon as it is out, we are recommending that these celebrities in the music industry get it done as soon as possible, if possible, on the exact day of its launch.
  1. K1 D Ultimate: The Fuji legend has several wives and children and to him, polygamy is not out of the ordinary. He has fathered 39 children but when asked the exact number, his reply has always been “I’m blessed with children. Islam does not allow counting of children. Children are children, as long as you are sure you fathered them and you are responsible for them”, according to reports. Do you now see he needs to get the birth control stuff done? Exactly!
  2. 2Baba: If there are is one thing 2face Idibia is known for aside music, it surely is his sharp Naija guy skills, or fathering children with different baby mamas. Before he finally settled down with his long-time lover Annie, 2Baba had poured out 7 kids, 2 of which are Annie’s and 5 from two baby mamas Sunbo and Pero. Though 2baba is settled now, he still needs the birth control performed, he surely does.
  3. Pasuma: Fuji singer Wasiu Alabi Pasuma has been linked with several women and he is said to have up to 12 children from five different women. He really needs to get the birth control done!
  4. 9ice: Gbamu Gbamu crooner Abolore Akande popularly known as 9ice has 4 children from different women. Following his split from Toni Payne, 9ice has been in baby mama game with two other women. With Victoria Godis, he has twin girls named Hazeeza Maya and Hadiza Miya. The second baby mama, Olasunkanmi Ajala also gave birth to 9ice’s other daughter, Michelle before he finally got married again, to Adetola Anifalaje, and they welcomed a baby girl, Milani-Françoise. In as much as his kids are not up to the number of the first three celebrities up here, Adigun needs the birth control.
  5. Ubi Franklin: Made Men Music Group CEO Ubi Franklin has been in the news recently, no thanks to his crashed marriage to actress Lilian Esoro and the several news and reports of his baby mamas. Though he is not proud of this, he has three kids with three different women. He has a daughter Zaneta from a US-based woman, a son Jayden from his estranged wife, actress Lilian Esoro, and in April, he welcomed another baby boy with his former South African employee, Nicola Siyo. He wishes to have four children but with the way things are, Ubi needs to get birth control, please, at least to plan and balance before the 4th child comes.
  6. Wizkid: Starboy is involved with a lot of women, none of which is his wife. As the singer doesn’t appear to be getting married anytime soon, he’s had 3kids all boys with 3 different baby mamas, two of which he refused to accept at first. Oluwanisola Ogudugu is his the first baby mama and the first woman to ever birth a child for the singer back in 2011 when she was 19 and Wizkid, 21. The fight between Wizkid’s and Sola’s families lasted for two years before he finally accepted Boluwatife. Ayodeji Balogun was born in 2016 by the second baby mama Binta Diallo and it took the Guinean-American model to get a DNA test done before Wizkid accepted her son as his. She endured a whole year of condemnation from Wizkids fans before her victory came. Zion came in 2017 through his manager Jada Pollock, and luckily for her, there was no drama. We cannot have another drama emanate from Wizkid’s manhood, he needs to get the birth control done, c’est fini.
  7. Davido: okay, before you ask if Chioma will not have another baby, let’s quickly think to that direction. Well, we can’t tell, we are not in the family, but for the already-on-earth 3 wonderful kids, Davido should rest at least. So yes, he is on the list of celebrities that needs birth control, though 13years is not an option for OBO!7 Nigerian Celebrities That Should Use The Newly Introduced Birth Control For Men Urgently Photos Credit: Getty
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