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10 Celebrities’ Marriages That Didn’t Make It To 2020 Valentine’s Day

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Marriage and love are both beautiful when with the right person and when the spark is still up and burning. Although it is normal that the spark vanishes gradually till it exists no more, it is a fact that people can go back to the beginning and start again.
But when either or both of the two adults involved in the commitment called marriage decide or think it can not work again, then comes a crash and that is the situation that has been battling the marriage institution from way back. It is so rampant in this century coupled with the fact that spouses who have lost interest in their commitments to each other take to social media to call out, embarrass, disgrace, shame and reveal the bad and ugly sides of their spouses.
10 Celebrities' Marriages That Didn't Make It To 2020 Valentine's Day
When either or both of the two adults involved in the commitment called marriage decide or think it can not work again, then comes a crash
Marriage crash does not only occur in celebrities’ marriages but with so many regular couples on the surface of the earth, however,  the celebrities and other noticeable and popular people get more attention and specualtions when their marriages fail.
As Valentine’s day came and went yesterday with beautiful snaps, loved up couples, singles motivation, crowded restaurants and bars, even marriage proposals and acceptance, we want to look at some celebrities’ marriages that didn’t see the fun of the day. These marriages, if not truly bubbling within saw the light of Valentine’s day in 2019 but now, they have hit the rock for one reason or the other and many of them, came with the social media drama.
1. Lilian Esoro: the 38-year-old Nollywood actress had gotten married to music executive Ubi Franklin in 2015 and they both had a son together. Sadly late 2019, their marriage crashed on grounds of infidelity and Lilian sought a divorce from a court of law. Although the court was said to have dissolved their case, saying the duo should settle their differences amicably, the actress and music boss have gone their separate ways. Ubi Franklin was said to be dating his secretary Sanda Iheuma and has a baby with him which seems to be the last straw that broke Lilian’s trust in him. Ubi Franklin and Lilian Esoro
2. Maureen Esisi and Blossom Chukwujekwu: If there are celebrities’ marriages crash that shocked Nigerians, Blossom Chukwujekwu and Maureen’s will be one of them. The couple is known for the love energy they carry and share but all of a sudden, news of their break up filled the air. Neither Blossom nor Maureen has come out to say the reason their marriage failed but both gave pieces of evidence and hints that they are no longer together. Not only did they unfollow each other on social media, they also deleted photos of themselves on Instagram. According to gossip blogger, Stella Dimokokorkus, the actor moved out of their matrimonial home, adding that the reason behind the crash was far from their inability to have a child. While the reason behind the breakup remains unknown, there are speculations that he is romantically involved with a popular Nollywood actress, whom he dated before he wedded Maureen in 2016.Blossom Chukwujekwu's Ex-Wife Celebrates Him On His Birthday
3. Gbenro Ajibade and Osas Ighodaro: Osas and Gbenro Ajibade ad had a fairy tale wedding in 2015 both in Benin City and New York, and have tried to live a private life devoid of drama over the last couple of years. The drama began, however, when US-based model and actor Gbenro brought their 4year-old family’s issue to social media. He called out his wife, Osas, for not taking care of their daughter Azariah well, saying she loves to attend parties but leaves her child with little or no care. A few weeks after, he announced that they both are no longer together and the curvy TV host and actress confirmed the breakup by removing his last name on her social media pages.Osas Ighodaro Removes Ajibade's Last Name From Her Instagram Page KOKOTV.NG
4. Dr. Sid and Simi Esiri: the Mavins act and his wife have been married since 2014 and three years into the marriage, there were speculations that the family is not doing well. It was said that Simi Esiri was bullying her husband as he wasn’t capable enough to finance the family and the responsibility laid on her. She then moved out of their home and was spotted without her wedding ring but came back together after discussions from various parties. Unfortunately, the two could not make it work and it even got worse as Simi was said to be abusing Dr. Sid physically and emotionally. According to reports, she wouldn’t have him stay out late and when he did, she would beat him up. The news of their break up was further confirmed by Simi in an Instagram post, denying the abuse part. 
5. Ventia Akpofure and Terna Tarka: the mother of two and former video vixen was married to Terna Tarka for 5 years before their marriage crashed on 26th June 2019. Reports had it that she was a victim of domestic abuse and had left her husband because of that. She, however, took to social media to deny the domestic violence part of the story. She disclosed that the decision to end their marriage is a mutual decision and she was never the victim of domestic violence as her estranged husband is not a violent man.
6. Kune Afolayan and Tolu: the end of the marriage of these two thespians is the most silent which only came with rumors of infedility and ended with no words of confirmation from the duo. However, s actions speak louder than words, confirmation of the crash was deduced from Kunle’s birthday snap which included every member of his nuclear family except his wife. This was traced to the rumor about their split and then, somehow confirmed. The duo, have put the past behind them though as they were seen a few days ago working on a new movie project together.7. Juliet Mgborukwe and Chima Ojokwu: actress Juliet had announced the split from her husband on Instagram, saying it is finally over but the man took it up, maybe because he is bitter about the end, and dragged her mercilessly. She had gotten separated from him two times in their four years of marriage over physical assault and the second time, she released a video of him assaulting her. Like Dr Sid and Simi, the two came back after a series of discussions and interventions, only to break up finally in December last year. The drama that ensued after the mother of two announced the crash is not a small thing as Chima took to Instagram to reveal how he is finally free and won’t be paying her support for their kids. See below:Juliet Mgborukwe Divorce KOKO TV Nigeria 2 Read also: 13 Beautiful Nollywood Single Mothers You Can Shoot Your Shots At
8. Queen Wokoma and Prince Allison: Nollywood actress Queen Wokama’s marriage journey to Rivers state-born politician, Prince Kalade Allison had started in September 2017 and lasted 1 year 9 months. The couple had a child together and have remained private about their marriage until when Allison took to his Instagram page to reveal the crash. “There is always an end to everything, this is the end of us, it’s best we go our separate ways, please no bashing for the sake of our innocent son. I believe this is the best decision ever, peace is priceless, and no man wants to die before his time, I am by this formally letting the general public know that Queen Wokoma is no longer my wife, pending our final annulment (divorce). I wish her and whoever she intends to spend her life with the best in future. #peaceispriceless“, he wrote.Queen Wokoma and Prince Allison
9. Ik Ogbonna and Sonia Morales: the story of the actor’s breakup from his wife is one that spilled from 2018 but neither of them confirmed if they were together or not. The gist was quickly dissolved when the two were spotted at a party together in December 2018 and out of nowhere in August 2019, Sonia took to her Instagram page to announce that her marriage to IK Ogbonna was finally over. In her very lengthy post, the Colombian born model said it was time to say goodbye to their union.
10. Yvonne Jegede and Abounce Fawole: the duo tied the knot four years ago after dating for a long time but as they welcomed their baby, issues erupted. The first hint of a possible crisis in their union was in February 2019 when Yvonne dedicated her baby with Abounce noticeably absent. To make matters worse, Yvonne removed her husband’s name from her Instagram handle before she confirmed the breakup in an exclusive interview with Pulse in March. While she chose to speak about their marriage, denying the insinuations that Abounce wasn’t the father of her child, Abounce has refused to comment till date.Photos Credit: Getty

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