Tuesday, March 28, 2023

You Will Have Cancer Or One Thing That Will Kill You – Pastor Ibiyeomie Warns Ladies Against Using Kayamata On Men

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Founder of Salvation Ministry, Pastor David Ibiyeomie has issued a warning to Nigerians using kayan mata.

Kayan mata is a popular s#x enhancer.

According to the man of God, kayan mata has spiritual implications which can attract cancer and even death.

David IbiyeomieIn a sermon, the clergy called on users of the local herbal preparations (aphrodisiacs) to repent in order to avoid the consequences.

According to the man of God who believes that Kayan Mata is diabolic and used to spellbind men, the product has the capacity of destroying the life of users.

He said, “Your father gave you one small thing to hold on your waist, rededicate your life. All of you who also have Kayan Mata, give your life to Christ because if you don’t give your life, it can also destroy you. They will not tell you the consequences of it.

“In case you don’t know, go and ask your mother. No woman uses charm to hold a man that lives long; find out! When the woman gets to a particular age, the thing will just vanish and she will die. Look at women who use charm, they don’t live long.

“They will have cancer or one thing that will kill them. The witch doctors will not tell you. Satan will give you money with time bomb because he does not give anything free”.

Kayan Mata literally means ‘women things’ in Hausa language and it is used by spinsters to hypnotise and spellbind men to themselves.

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