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Weddings: Complete Items On Every Yoruba Lady’s Bride Price List

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In a typical Nigerian wedding setting, there are steps to be taken before getting married, most especially before the traditional engagement which involves family members

Nigerian traditional engagements can be very expensive, if you ask a typical groom to be. The reason for the price hike most times, borders on the bride price which is compulsory, especially if the wedding has been properly and throughly planned. here are all the items on the list for the traditional marriage engagement, especially for a lady from the South-western part of Nigeria.
1. Cartons of bottled water
2. Bottles of non alcoholic wine
3. Cartons of fruit juice
4. Bag of salt
5. Bag of rice
7. Umbrella
8. Goat
9. Keg of palmwine
10. Keg of groundnut oil
11. Bitter kolas (Orogbo)
12. Tubers of yam (Isu)
13. Kolanuts (Obi abata)
14. Chilli/Alligator Peppers (Atare)
15. pieces of dried Fish (Eja Osan)
16. Dish of peppered corn meal (Aadun)
17. Pack of Sugar
18. Baskets of Fruit
19. Decanters filled with honey
20. Crates of canned or bottled soft drinks
21. Crates malt soft drinks
22. Big suitcase containing clothes, shoes and hand bags including Aso-Oke fabric, 2 sets of lace with Gele and 2 sets of Ankara
23. Wrist watch, Earrings and Chains
24. Biscuits and Sweets
25.Engagement rings for bride and groom
26. Bible or Quran

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Before the ceremony, these items would be brought to the venue and arranged in the full view of the guest. Sometimes during the ceremony, the bride would be asked to pick the most important item she would need in her marital home. It is a tradition to pick the holy book as it the strongest foundation on which a marriage can be built.
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