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BRITS 2020: Worst Dressed Stars On The Red Carpet

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Fashion is a language and sometimes people fail to speak it perfectly. The 2020 BRITS award might have come and gone but some stars have left our head in aches as we try to understand the reason behind their outfit to the award.

We are surprised, bewildered is more like it as to how one can comfortably believe that they look chic and resplendent in such bizarre outfit.
Without much ado, we present to you some of the worst dressed stars on the red carpet at the BRITS 2020 Award.
1. FKA Twigs
BRITS 2020 Award
We are disappointed because we know the ‘Cellophane’ singer never disappoints on the red carpet. In this outfit, she aims to do something extraordinary but that is the kill.
The swollen sleeves juxtaposed with the ‘flay’ skirt and the sash that drops to the floor is just not it.
2. Tyler, the Creator
We saw this and shook our head for the fashion misery that Tyler has grown to be associated with. The rapper never tries to create magic with his fashion. We know that sometimes simple does it, but sometimes, go loud too.
For a celebrated award like the Brits 2020 Award, you decide to show up in a white T-shirt covered in a sleeveless sweater and a cap, that’s just too poor.
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3. Billie Ellish

Dressing in ‘weird’ manners and having a strange dress sense has become a signature move of the ‘Bury your Friend’ singer.
This however doesn’t just go down well with us. We like her shoes though but what’s the point of this outfit? Thats the question that cannot leave our lips.
4. Annie Mac

While Anne-Marie is showcasing her barbie princess vibe at the award, this Annie decides to keep us puzzled as to whether she took a look at the mirror before leaving home.
This is definitely a turn off for us. We do not like the dress, the color of her footwear and her look.
5. Meghan Trainor

‘Dear Future Husband’ is one of Trainor’s favorite tracks. We are pained that nowhere in the track does she say dear hubby, I know how to kill the strength of the BRITS 2020 award with my outfit.
The outfit is simple and we like that but c’mon babe, its an award, YOU CAN’T LOOK LIKE THIS! You just can’t.

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