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Weddings: Interesting Ways To Engage Your Guests At Your Party

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Your wedding party should always captivate the hearts of your guests. There are fun ways to go about this

Gone are the days of traditional wedding practices, that include just the couple dance and the general dance time, sometimes, even party jollof cant sustain their attention for long. Nowadays, most Nigerian wedding have brought that spark that keep the gusts entertained for a very long time and even get them to keep talking about the wedding for weeks to come. Here are fun times you can try that can guarantee the attention of your guests.
1. Couple Games: Most couples have found a way to incorporate this in their wedding programmes. How this works is that the couple gets to sit backing each other and holding a one of the pair of their shoes, while the M.C asks questions about the couple. They answer by raising the shoe of the person involved.
2. Karaoke: Instead of leaving your guests t wander about especially after having item 7, you can engage them in a karaoke session. This produces maximum fun and enjoyment.
3. Dance face-off: To entertain your guests, you can get members of the train to stage a dance face off, leaving the guests to choose which side they would support. This is another mind blowing fun idea for your wedding guests.
One of the most important things that most guests want to see is creativity. No matter what you do at your wedding party, always be creative.

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