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Weddings: 5 Interesting Items You Should Have On Your Wedding Programme List

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Most Nigerian wedding parties always have an interesting program line up for both the couple and their guests.

If you planning on getting married or your wedding is just around the corner, you might want to consider adding these 5 items at the top of your list to make your special day very memorable.
1. Entrance display: Most guests arrive the reception of the wedding, mostly for this item. They love to see the grand entrance of the couple, especially as they make their way to their special seat, right in front of the guests.
2. Couple games: If you don’t any particular game in mind, you can speak to your wedding planner to help come up with fun things that you and your spouse can do to wow the guests and keep them entertained.
3. R.S.V.P: The traditional meaning of this abbreviation is Rice And Stew Very Plenty. It is also known as the item of any event. Don’t keep your guest waiting as this is one of the highlights of a wedding.

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4. Father-Daughter dance: As much as this particular item can be very emotional, wedding guests always anticipate this peculiar dance. It is at time of last minute binding between father and daughter, and also a way of showing how much love there is in the air.
5. Dance, Dance, Dance: This is the climax of most wedding parties, especially on Nigeria. This is the time the wedding guests can display their dancing skills in. The hope of getting a few wads in return. Don’t let this be missing on your wedding program list.

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