Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Twelve Kissing Techniques To Take Your Sex Life To Another Level

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You may have been locking lips for years, but everyone can learn a thing or two when it comes to the fine art of kissing.

Like did you know every time you smooch someone it can give your face and neck a good workout. It could also tighten up the jaw muscles so a good snog will keep you looking younger for longer.

And let’s just say, you might discover something completely new when it comes to kissing. Here are 12 kissing techniques to try…

Across the room kiss: Enjoy a private moment in a crowd by locking eyes and blowing a kiss across the room. Pucker up and make a gesture with your hands to say “I love you”.

Upside-down kiss: 
Next time they’re lying with their head in your lap, lean in and surprise them with an upside-down kiss. Keep your mouth soft and open to enjoy the different sensations this brings.

Neck kiss: The skin on the neck is thinner with a lot of nerve endings so gentle kisses will drive you both wild. Explore all sides of the neck, back, front and behind the ears with soft kisses, licks and tiny nibbles.

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Ear kiss: 
The ears are also sensitive, yet ignored. Next time you’re kissing gently work your way up to their ears and nibble. When you’re next having sex, cover their ears with your mouth to make the whole experience super intense.

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Biting kiss: Gently nibble your partner’s bottom lip to spice things up. Switch between slow, soft kisses then tug and bite to show your playful side.

Ice kiss: 
Suck an ice cube then pass it back and forth while you kiss. This is a fun and playful twist on the French kiss which makes the coldness heat things up.

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Knight’s kiss: Show your love, admiration and respect by kissing your partner’s hand. Getting down on one knee at the same time will show your true intentions.

Eskimo kiss: Lean forward and rub your noses together instead of touching their lips. It’s silly, playful and fun but the Eskimo will put a massive smile on both your faces.

French kiss: Take your partner by surprise with a deep, sexy kiss to show you can’t get enough of them. French kissing is hot and it’s one of the most favourite styles.

Teaser kiss: Start soft and gentle with a closed mouth, then slowly open with no tongues to deepen the kiss. Pull back, so you leave them wanting more. The best way to say goodbye before leaving for work is a teaser kiss.

Cheek kiss: This is stylish and sophisticated which can be friendly or flirty. Kiss each cheek once, twice or three times if you’re really pleased to see them.

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Comfort kiss: Show your love and support by giving them a gentle kiss on the forehead. This eases that tension they may have had during the day.Photo Credit: Getty

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