Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Travel: Wild Beauty Awaits The Adventure-Lover On Chief’s Island

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An irony of nature we don’t get to see often maybe except in documentaries is the fact that the vast vegetations that can calm our nerves and give us that sense of being one with something ethereal is also home to wild animals we won’t want to be left alone with. Of course there are times when that burst of adrenalin that comes with facing danger is exactly what we want, on such occasions, places like the Chief Island in Botswana is where you need to visit. Chief’s Island is a special place nestled in the middle of the Okavango Delta and bordered by majestic, meandering waterways. The magic of the island does not, however, lie in its unique location but the abundant, diverse wildlife that inhabits this African bushveld paradise. You can hear the wallowing hippos groan in the distance, catch a sight of a cheetah stretch its limbs in the soaring sun, see vervet monkeys playing joyfully in their home or observe the elusive leopard lurking in its favourite tree hiding spot. A pride of Lion can easily be spotted royally staking their claim as king in the jungle as you explore the vast land.
Its quite easy to see why visitors fall in love with the wildlife habitation; its not everyday, you get to stare a Lion in the face and get away with it. We won’t forget to mention the photographic opportunities here, so if you plan to head over, come with a camera so you can relieve the moments all over again. Wondering if the norm is to take a stroll in the park with danger lurking all around? definitely not. Canoe rides on the many waterways ensure your safety while you sit pretty out of harm’s way.
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