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Travel: 5 Top Zoos To Visit In Nigeria

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Nature is all around us. From wild flowers to push vegetation and beautiful grasses to exotic birds and other animals. However, zoos are a good place to see the animals in their splendour and create lasting memories.For today’s edition of Travel, we decided to bring you a list of top 5 zoos in Nigeria that you can visit at anytime. These locations offer an array of interesting animal species to see and be amazed over.

This list will guide you on your journey to selecting the best zoos to explore wildlife and have fun, while creating memories.

1. University of Ibadan Zoological Garden.ZooSome few years back while I was visiting Ibadan for a conference, I decided to take the weekend to see the famed zoo established in 1984 and spanning about 10 hectares of land.

With my guide and the friend I went with, we saw the animals in their varied sections: Herbivore, Avian, Carnivore, Primate, Reptile and the smaller animal section.

Really, there are a lot of animals to see and a you’ll totally love the experience.

2. Ogba Zoo, Benin City.As an undergraduate in University of Benin, I had gone with a number of friends to see one of Nigeria’s oldest zoos, established in 1915. While we had ignorantly chosen a rainy day and couldn’t really enjoy the visit, it was a nice time.

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The zoo boasts of a number of animals including lions, zebras, pythons, alligators and antelopes. There is also a refreshments hub, with facilities for an indoor or outdoor event, where guests can enjoy camel and horse rides.

Needless to say, I have visited this place more than once at different times while I was in Benin.

3. National Children’s Park And Zoo, Abuja.Just behind the Presidential Villa in Asokoro District is where this park is located. It has a number of animals including lions, cheetahs, snakes, camels and donkeys.

There is also a children’s playground, a lake and of course, a restaurant.

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4. Jos Wildlife Park.Also known as Jesse Aruku Wildlife Park and located in the Rantya Area of the state, it spans an area of 8 square kilometers and 3 square miles.

With the beautiful weather Jos is known for, it is interesting to note the ambience that comes with being so close to nature and its wide array of animals.

Various specie animals reside here including elephants, cheetahs, tigers and others. There is also a children’s playground and a history museum.

5. Audu Bako ZooPopularly referred to as Gidan Zoo, and located in Kano, it was established in 1971 and is arguably one of the firsts in the country.

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It spans an area of about 46 hectares and is maintained and managed by Kano state Zoological & wildlife Management (KAZOWMA).

We hope you’ll check out these zoos in no time.Photo Credit: Twitter

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