9 Top Schools To Study Medicine In Nigeria

Medicine is one course that not just anyone can study and the selected few who finally make it to the admission list always appreciate the privilege. As sensitive as the course is, so is its demand in the country.
A country with no doctors, or few doctors will definitely suffer a rise in the death toll, so its importance is indisputable. In most Universities in Nigeria studying medicine takes at least 6 years. The first year is spent in the Faculty of Science studying mainly Physics, Chemistry and Zoology, and some other general subjects. The second-year takes the students deeper into the course. It won’t make sense to spend time studying a course as prestigious as this at a University that is not equally prestigious. So here are the tops schools to study medicine in Nigeria;

University Of Ibadan
This university is known as the first university in Nigeria and it is by far known to be the best Medical school in Nigeria. The University of Ibadan is located in Ibadan and it is popularly known as UI, which is in the Western Central Part of Nigeria. UI presents a very good career for students in medicine, who are known as Doctors and owns a lot of equipment that is used in the modern-day world for its students to use to practice and to learn. The University is known for its wide curriculum when it comes to medicine, and so it is regarded as the best Medical University in Nigeria. The college of medicine at UI boasts of four sub-faculties which include; Faculty of Basic Medical Science, Faculty of Clinical Science, Faculty of Dental Science, and Faculty of Public Health.

Obafemi Awolowo University
This is one University in the southwestern region part of Nigeria that is known for its credibility and standard when it comes to medicine. OAU, as it is popularly called, is famous for its very good college hospital that has so many records of treating rare diseases and ailments, that a lot of people have given up on and its medical facility in the university is one of the tops in Nigeria. The college of health science at OAU boasts of four sub-faculties which include; Faculty of Basic Medical Science, Faculty of Clinical Science, Faculty of Dental Science, and Faculty of Public Health.

Ahmadu Bello University
Popularly known as ABU, Zaria, is known as the best medical university found in the Northern part of Nigeria. It has one of the best sets of equipment and structures for medical students to use when they come to the university and it has a record of producing one of the top best medical doctors in the history of Nigeria. The Faculty of medicine in ABU, Zaria is one of the largest faculty in the University as it has a total of 17 departments.
University Of Lagos
The University of first choice as it prides itself is also located in the southwestern region of Nigeria, and it is unarguably one of the top universities to study medicine. The University of Lagos has a very wonderful medical program in Nigeria, that helps medical students to achieve their goal which is becoming one of the best in the world and so far, this university has run its course and stuck to this objective no matter what. Unilag is known to always prepare its medical students both theoretically and practically as it ensures to send them in their second year to Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH) to aid a proper understanding of the medical study. The college of medicine at UNILAG boasts of three sub-faculties which include; Faculty of Basic Medical Science, Faculty of Clinical Science, and Faculty of Dental Science.

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Lagos State Teaching Hospital (LASUTH)
This university is owned and financed by the Lagos state government. It is known to have one of the best medical facilities in the country because it has a very wide record of saving people even at the point of death, or when they have been rejected by other hospitals. This hospital has a wide number of questions every day and there’s no rest in time for the doctors in this teaching hospital. It is also a teaching hospital for medical students at the University of Lagos.

University Of Nigeria
This University is regarded as one of the first-generation Universities in the country, and it was brought into the establishment by Nnamdi Azikiwe. This University is very different from every other University, as it has a facility that dwells on the constant training of medical students no matter how hard it is, it always strives to bring out the best in its medical students, so that they can represent the University and the country outside in the world. In the east, UNN stands out among other universities. The college of health sciences at UNN also boasts of 3 sub-faculties and a total of 20 departments and sub-departments. These faculties include; Faculty of medical science, Faculty of Dentistry, and Faculty of health science and technology.
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University Of Benin
Located in Edo state, UNIBEN has one of the largest facilities for medical students in Nigeria. Students who pass through the University of Benin as medical students, do not always come out the same, as they come out better than how they even expected themselves to be. This is a very interesting school for the study of medicine and no matter what, students go here and come out the best. Students who study at UNIBEN have something extra to add in any and everything. The college of medicine in UNIBEN  has two sub-faculties which are the School of Dentistry and the Institute of child health.

University Of Ilorin
Known to never go on strike no matter how bad things get in the educational sector of the country, Unilorin has a constantly running educational system that is very fast and very efficient in Nigeria. For a course like medicine that takes at least 6years to study, you definitely need a school that won’t add more years by going on strike. There are a lot of facilities in this University, but the medical facility located in this University is one of the best in the south-western region in the country. Studying medicine in this school is like studying medicine abroad. The college of health science at Unilorin boasts of two sub- faculties which include; Faculty of Basic Medical Science and the Faculty of Clinical Science.
Delta State University
DELSU is ideal for students who want to study medicine and surgery as a course because it is home to the ever-popular DELSU teaching hospital which is one of the best public hospitals in Delta state. They specialize in other medical-related courses which include radiology, community health, urology, psychiatry, surgery, and other courses. The college of health sciences at DELSU has 3 sub-faculties which include; Faculty of clinical pharmacology and Therapeutics, Faculty of Family Medicine and Anatomy, and the Faculty of Medicine.

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