Three Foods That Serves As An Anti-Ageing Substance

It is believed that as one begin to get old, one begins look less attractive and less compelling. There are things to eat to look younger as we grow old.
One of the important things is maintaining a balanced diet. The food we eat will determine our looks in different ways. Here are 3 foods that can help you look younger:
1 Tea (Green): Green tea is good for the body. When you are ageing, include green tea in your meal plan. This tea contains antitoxidants needed to make skin smoother and it prevents insulin resistance and fight diabetes.

2 Dark Chocolate: Research has shown that it reduce the pressure of the heart and make your immune system stronger and prevents your skin from sun damage over time.

3 Fish: Fish is one of the most recommended foods to eat when you are having issues with your skin. Fish makes one look young and more attractive.

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