Tuesday, March 28, 2023

There Are No Rehearsals In Life – Toke Makinwa

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Popular OAP and Fashion enthusiast Toke Makinwa have taken to social media page to drop deep thought messages of encouragement for fans and followers. Toke Makinwa

Toke in her message advised her followers that life has no rehearsals and they should make the most of it while alive.

Toke Makinwa further told her fans to make every moment they spend in life count because the truth is that the goalpost will always shift, she said: “it is never really going to be perfect so stop limiting yourself”.

Toke Makinwa said at every level of a breakthrough new responsibilities and demand is asked a person. She said if even if life though sucks sometimes it is truly a gift.

Sharing on Instagram, Toke wrote:

You think it’ll be good when you have this or that, you think “if only” this happens now then I’ll be good, your prayer points determine your state of mind, you are so sure that all you need to finally be happy is this one thing…. Truth is, the goalpost will always shift, even after that breakthrough you’ll want something else, that breakthrough alone comes with its own level of demand, it is never really going to be perfect so stop limiting yourself.
I got this word in prayer, it’s been such a tough past week for many, as I asked the Lord for grace to carry on, to please ease the burden, to wipe all our tears, to come through, he responded and I heard it loud and clear, he said: “my grace is sufficient, it is already there even in the pain, I will use that pain to write a better story, it is in the struggle that you are made whole”.
Thought to share this to inspire you today, even with all of your broken pieces, the ugliness you are trying soooo hard to cover, the brave you put on everyday while your heart is broken, life, even though it sucks sometimes is truly a gift, your stage, the light is on, there are no rehearsals, create your own version of good.

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Photo Credit: Toke Makinwa/ Instagram

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