Thursday, August 5, 2021

5 Signs That Your Lady Is Testing You

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In the quest of finding your perfect soul mate, you test the person you love. It may sound archaic but it really is so. Testing goes both ways; Guys – Ladies & Ladies – Guys.
Ladies however loves to put guys in a series of test to make sure you’re what she wants. What are the test or better still what are the answers to such test? Lets break it down for you:
1 Each woman has a different test: Women uses generic test and they vary from women to women. The truth is every woman has what she is looking for in a man.

2 She watches where your eyes wanders. If you check out another lady in her front, you will notice and guess what, you have failed the test.
3 Meeting her friends: This is the biggest test, once she invites her to her friends, its her friends that will do the testing while she sits back and watches.

4 She’s going to push you. She pushes her boundary with you to see how far she can go and also to see how you will react, she will argue with you to see how well you can go until you put your put your foot down.
5 You are always being tested. No matter how calm or peaceful the atmosphere is, she is testing and constantly watching everything about you.

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