The Invisible Car! This Photo Of A Clean Black Car Is Causing Major Confusion on The Internet

This bamboozling photograph has sent the internet into total meltdown as it appears to show an invisible car. In fact, only a barely-there front tyre and a subtle glimpse of a door handle give away the fact it’s not just a rather boring snap of someone’s back yard. What it actually shows is a gleaming black car which has been cleaned and polished to such an extent it has been turned into a virtual mirror.The vital clues are all in the amazing reflections captured on the panels of the motor’s sparkling wing and door. Careful examination shows how the cracks on the drive and the bubbles from the car’s recent wash are reflected perfectly on the vehicle. The garden shrubbery in the background has also been perfectly replicated in the optical illusion – which is clearly the owner’s pride and joy.Photo Credit: Getty


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