Tuesday, March 28, 2023

The Fashion Evolution Of Nigerians From The 80s To Now

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Change they say is the only constant thing in human existence, and from the very beginning of time, humans have found ways to cover their body, whether it be leaves or it be silk, humans have successfully found ways to protect their nakedness based on the times in which they exist. so here is the evolution of fashion styles and trends from the 80s till now. Fashion in Nigeria has always been diverse being heavenly influenced by the different cultures, religion and the many ethnic groups, but with the influence of western culture there has been a rapid change in the Nigerian trends and styles. The eighties was the year of tight cloths, boot cuts, High heel shoes for men and the women on the other hand wore flowing maxi skirts. Chunky jewellery, huge perms and wild Afros were also in style during that time.  In the 1990s fashion became retro, pop and hip. This was the time of the Capri pants comeback, there was a change in men’s fashion, trouser hems became narrower and while they fit in the hips and waist grew looser. Men began to have low cuts and got rid of the curl activators and relaxers. And for native attire bubu was in trend, Jumpsuit was also the in thing back then and baggy was in vogue. While the American fashion is still influencing a lot of what people wear, Nigerians are beginning to embrace their culture and heritage by wearing their traditional clothing, wearing them to official and social settings and also a lot of old looks are coming back, although trends during the 90s spilled over to the early 2000s, the 2000s till date have witnessed one of the rapid fashion changes in human history, with skinny jeans flourishing. to the comeback of baggy cloths and the afro hairstyle in women. Photo Credit: Getty

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