Tuesday, August 9, 2022

That Sharp Naija Guy: 5 Things Ladies Do When They Want Sex

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Sex is a beautiful sexual desire that offers way much more than just its procreating purpose. It is a unique means of intimacy and connectivity between lovers, but the question is, how well do you as a guy know your woman to know when she’s in the mood and want to get down. Well that truth is here for you because below are five ways for you to know when your woman wants to get freaky;  Sex
  1. Wears Sexy Lingerie:
    So Bro you come back home or she comes around to spend some days with you and within hours or arriving she slips into a sexy lingerie or into something that shows quite a lot of skin, bro that’s an obvious offer and call to action to you bro no dull am at all.
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  2. Starts Toying With Your errogeneous zones:
    So you have your lady over and she decides to get really close to you and starts touching you, rubbing your head, or she offers to massage you, or she starts touching your errogenous zones well if that isn’t enough cue for your i don’t know what.
  3. Cuddly And Moody Behaviour:
    When she all of a sudden just gets cuddly and moody, well you both were probably playing, or joking around. Or you and your woman were both watching a movie and she is only there for a few hours and she all of a sudden just turned away from the movie and decides to be on her own, well that’s another major cue of her asking you to pay more attention to her needs.
  4. Talks About Sex or drops hints of feeling horny: 
    When your lady starts calling your repeatedly at work or while you’re on a trip for no necessary reasons, that’s a cue bro. Another way in this form is when she starts talking about sex or the last time you guys had sex together or she just sends you a nude pic of herself be it her boobs which it is most times or a raunchy nude pose of herself unsolicted for well bro if you don’t catch the vibe with this i don’t know when you will.
  5. When She Offers To Cook Your Favourite Meal: 
    Finally, the strong believe is that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, well when your woman goes through the stress to make your favourite dish which she only offers to make occassionally or she makes a special delicacy to your fancy well just know that all of that work must be rewarded and rewarded well.
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