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10 Lush Bridal Styles For Yoruba Traditional Weddings

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One of the biggest and remarkable day of someone’s life is the day they walk down the aisle with the ultimate love of their life. The day they start their journey of happily ever after. Traditional Weddings are definitely one of such.

Traditional weddings
And as the saying goes that different strokes for different folks, different tribes, culture and tradition have their customary way of celebrating this great day.
Although, fashion has moved on from the bland “Aso-oke”, “Gele”, “Iro” and “Buba”, to something more voguish and stylish, making the bride look really stunning and charming.

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Prior to now, the Yoruba brides are known for their “Iro and Buba” for their traditional wedding with a nicely tied “Gele” sitting pretty on their head and jewelries to fit.
The Yoruba brides are the life of affluence and they use their traditional weddings to spell that elegantly. Their outfits are mostly made from Aso-oke, Lace fabrics or a blend of both. With the rise in fashion trends, Yoruba brides now prefer to design their outfits in a straight/pencil dress or wrap dress with a high-waist band and any pretty neckline and sleeves to match.

What makes the Yoruba bride stand out is her “Gele” and “Ipele” made from a lush Aso-oke fabric that also matches her outfit. For her, there is no specific way of accessorizing. She can decide to use a coral bead or just silver/gold jewelry to match her outfit. But if she’s royalty, then coral beads are essentials.
Below are 10 Yoruba bridal outfit to allure your guests on your traditional wedding day.

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