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Strictly Ladies: Six Mistakes You’re Making When Dating Nigerian Men

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If we’re honest, most of us want someone that can connect with us at a deeper level. We want a partner who understands us well and someone who can be a good partner in general.

While on the quest find a partner, there are so many mistakes we make. Certain things we say or do can easily trigger people to lose interest quickly. If you’re not aware of some of the things you could be doing that make people want to run the opposite direction, you’ll be left wondering what went wrong and feel unworthy.
The good news is that we have some great advice on mistakes we often make while dating. Read on.

1. Playing games: In life, it’s good to have a strategy when handling things at work or when relating to other people. Unfortunately, this can often backfire. When we were young, it was kind of interesting to play games like making someone feel jealous by hanging out with certain people or even ignoring them in order to get their attention. Times have changed and we know better. That’s why playing games and not being direct is a bad idea when it comes to dating. You snooze you loose.
2. Having expectations that are too high: Expectations aren’t a bad thing. They help you be more aware of what you want and what you are looking for when it comes to a partner. On the other hand, it can also lead to a dating disaster. If you are just casually dating someone and expect them to be your husband right away, it means that you’re more focused on the outcome and the idea of being married rather than the actual process. Learn to be more flexible and have fun in the process. You might even end up meeting someone else who suits you more in future.

3. Not actively looking: 
We’ve heard that you can’t expect to win the game if you don’t participate in the first place. The same applies to dating. When you sit at home and avoid meeting people. The reality is that a good partner won’t automatically appear at your door step. Waiting will make you miss out on so many good things so take the step and be more active even on social media. Don’t let everyone know that you are looking for someone though. Just be calm and collected and eventually, you’ll find your perfect.

4. Revealing too much too soon: 
We all have some baggage that we carry. But when it comes to dating, talking about too many life details when you barely know someone is a no-no. Doing this will give the impression that you don’t have your life together and that you have a lot that you are dealing with. Don’t get me wrong, we are all work in progress. However, sharing too much early on can be quite the turn off. It could be the reason why you never go on a second date. Take everything in its own time.

5. Dating just because you’re lonely: 
When you’re lonely, you’re bound to select and settle with partners not because you truly like them, but because you want someone to cuddle with at night. Having someone by your side is great but having an honest foundation is even better. This will prevent feelings of mistrust when your partner realizes that they’re not genuinely wanted. Dating someone for the sake of it will only make you lonelier so, avoid this dating mistake.

6. Ignoring red flags: 
This is a common dating mistake that people often make. A lot of red flags are covered when people are infatuated so this is something crucial that you need to look out for. Always look at the person you are dating from different perspectives in order to notice when things are seriously off. You can also get some opinions about them from people you trust so that you can hear the truth.
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