Strictly Ladies: COVID-19 Has Been Emotionally Draining, Here’s 6 Ways You Need To Reconnect With Your Partner

No doubt the global pandemic has been emotionally draining on all relationships. Every relationship has its ups and downs. If your relationship gets to the point where it is feeling disconnected, all you need is the willingness to make it better.

It is possible to get your relationship rekindled and ensure that the spark is on the high again.

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Read on to see whether you can implement some of the recommended ways of reconnecting with your spouse.
Initiate affection: A little kindness and love goes a long way in getting the spark back. As humans, we respond well to the affection we are given by others.

Being kind, doing something special for your partner once in a while goes a long way in making you and your spouse reconnect.

Get to know what they’ve wanted for a while and go do it for them. Your partner will feel satisfied and will respond positively.
Practice your partner’s love language: Your relationship can hit the rock and face hard times because you’re not keen on doing things your partner likes.

What’s the love language of your partner? Is it words of affirmation, touch, gifts, acts of service or quality time?

Understanding how best your partner would like to be shown love and executing it will get you two reconnecting more.
Take time for yourself: In other cases, you’ll realize that you’re having a hard time reconnecting because you are not personally in a good state.

As such, it is recommended that you take some time off by yourself and do a self-evaluation. Are you drained and therefore unable to bring better to the relationship?

Once you understand this, communicate with your partner then it is made easy to know what to do. Remember, you can’t fill from an empty cup.

Improve your communication: Communication is the core of relationships. You have to work on your communication levels and skills so that your partner can know what is bothering you or what excited you.

Failing to improve your communication causes a wedge between the two of you. Assure your partner that you can listen to them.

Be open to their ideas and practice active listening instead of stone walking or listening passively.
Do something new together: Trying out a new game, activity or class together reassures a new bond creation. You’re likely to enjoy each other’s company more as you’ll also have developed something exciting and new to talk about.
Invest in relationship resources: Are you willing to go for therapy or attend a relationship seminar or coaching together? Having an expert suggest some ideas you two can try makes a huge positive leap in improving your connection Spare such time and commit to revamping your relationship for the better.

Getting connected with your spouse doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a labor of love needing patience, commitment and hope.

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