KOKO Knows: 10 Interesting Facts About Harmattan

In this part of the world (West Africa), November is the month that ushers in the Harmattan season. And apart from the unusual dryness, cold and hazy atmosphere, here are some interesting facts i bet you didn’t know about the Harmattan season.


  1. It is a dust laden wind peculiar to West African countries. Although it seem as though it is a worldwide phenomenon, that is not the case.
  2. It brings desert-like weather conditions. Reason being that the winds blow from the Sahara desert which is located in the Northern part of Africa.
  3. The fog and haze you wake up to see every morning during this season is harmful to the health. Reason why there is usually a lot of flu exchange during this period.
  4. It is a combination of cold and dusty wind, low humidity and the dissipation of cloud covers. This speaks why it is usually cold at night and in the morning then extremely hot, dry and dusty during the day.
  5. During this season, temperature can be as low as 9C (48F) and as high as 30C (86F). Meteorologists calls it Ambient Temperatures.
  6. It lasts from late November to mid March.Read also: BBNaija Winner, Laycon Drops Visuals For Hit Single ‘Hiphop’
  7. Interaction between the Harmattan and Monsoon can cause Tornadoes.
  8. The Harmattan dust travel hundreds of kilometre over the Atlantic ocean just to hit West Africa.
  9. Harmattan wind is known as the “Wind Doctor” in West Africa.
  10. Harmattan conditions can’t be prevented. You just have to live through it with certain health precautions.

One thing you always want to do during this period so as to be alive is stay hydrated.

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