Monday, October 3, 2022

Stop Obsessing About Your Weight And Live For You – Toke Makinwa

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Toke Makinwa has told her fans to live for themselves as she revealed that she used to be on a stict diet to maintain her body shape but not anymore as she eats what she likes.

Speaking on diet and staying active, Toke Makinwa revealed on social media that she no longer maintain a strict diet like she used to, she now eats anything she wants, control her portions and remain active till all the food digests. She shared;

Working out everyday is so much more fun, after all this is over I hope I can continue, I worked out 4 times a week before but doing at least 2 form of exercise daily is such a breath of fresh air

Toke Makinwa
I would usually work out 3/4 times a week before the pandemic and social distancing, but doing one form of exercise daily keeps me from going bananas, I’m motivated by the need to keep my mind active.

I used to be on a strict diet but now I eat anything I want, I control my portions and I remain active till all the food digests, it’s all about being active, staying alive, keeping fit and feeling good

Stop obsessing about your weight and just get into the routine, stop looking, stop measuring, just get into it. After a while you’ll begin to see results. As with everything, patience is most necessary

Do what makes you happy, live for you. Don’t let the fear of “what people will say” hold you back, people having been saying since the beginning of time and only the brave take chances that lead to defining moments, be afraid but do it. Be weary but keep moving.

If you want to get your body done, do it, life is too short and just make sure it is what you want and not what you think is expected of you, No one is perfect and you’ll still need lots of exercising to keep fit. Surgery is half of it, any surgeon will tell you.

In other words, if you must cheat, cheat but know that the body is not a machine, you’ll still need discipline, exercise and portion control to stay fit. The weight after surgery is not cute, start exercising now so it becomes a lifestyle. 💪🏼

I’m not a fitness expert o, I can only share what has worked for me. You can google, research, get a trainer, etc. have a lovely morning Face with tongue

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