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Six First Date Etiquettes You Must Always Remember

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First dates can be a source of great joy and jitters. Whether it’s someone you know or someone new it’s not easy.

We all want our first dates to go perfectly as we honestly hope that it will not be the only date. However, planning for the first date can be quite stressful.

My personal experience with first dates is not the best. I used to get so overwhelmed by the idea of choosing the perfect outfit and not knowing what to expect from the first date that at the end of it all I would end up canceling or going fully unprepared.

Seeking to make your experience better? Here are some first date tips you need to know:

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i. Prepare in advance: 
Pick out your outfit the day before the date. The worst thing you can do is start looking for an outfit on the day of the date – you are already nervous and you will probably choose something you won’t be so comfortable in.

I found that choosing a couple of outfits like two or three in advance made it so much easy for me to dress up on the actual day and be confident in what I went with.

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ii. Choose a comfortable location: The location can be very unsettling if you are not familiar with it. Settle on a location you are comfortable with, and preferably a public setting. This should apply especially if you have never met the person before.

iii. Tell a friend: Telling a friend about your date will keep you at ease knowing that there is someone who knows where you are and who you are with. If you don’t know the person, notify your loved ones about the location and share their picture.

Knowing that someone you can rely on knows where you are will put you at ease. You can have your friend accompany you but sit at a different table if you don’t feel too comfortable being alone with a stranger.

iv. Be yourself: I know they look and sound like the perfect person on phone but they are also humans. Being yourself is very important as this will put you at ease without thinking of how you need to pretend for the person through the date.

And honestly speaking many people prefer you being real. The worst thing you can ever do is make someone fall for who you are not. 

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v. Be open minded: You are just meeting this person for the first time ever so don’t start giving them unrealistic expectations or you will only be setting yourself up for failure.

They might not end up being what you are looking for but they can end up being a good friend. Also, people have different points of view, so don’t be dismissive of theirs and don’t force your opinions on them.

vi. It doesn’t have to go well: It’s time to learn how to expect both the worst and best from situations. We honestly wish for first dates to go perfect but unfortunately that might not be the case. Be ready for anything especially if you have never met the person.Photo Credit: Getty

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