Strictly Ladies: 5 Relationship Deal Breakers Nigerian Women MUST Stop Tolerating

More often than not we stay in relationships because we believe the good outweighs the bad. We learn to tolerate and compromise for our partners so they can be happy.

However, sometimes people tolerate a tad too much in relationships. It is in giving too many chances that you find yourself in a vicious circle of toxicity, unable to grow or move within your relationship. Here, we look at some deal breakers that you should not be tolerating in your relationship:

Abuse: Whether it is physical or mental abuse, you have no reason to tolerate an abusive partner. An abusive partner will do a number on your self-esteem and your mental health. With time you might find yourself alienated from your friends and relatives only relying on your partner for decisions and advice. This is bound to take a toll on your mental health as an abusive partner will keep pushing negative narratives on you. child abuse

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Serial cheating: 
An unfaithful partner probably doesn’t respect you or they simply don’t take commitment seriously. If you partner truly values you and your relationship, they will not cheat on you on every available chance. If you constantly find your partner flirting with other people and ultimately cheating, if they are unwilling to change their ways then it is better to pack your bags and move on.Keeping the relationship secret: Of course a private life is a happy life but this mostly applies to social media. I mean, you don’t have to update the whole world over what happens in your life. However, when you have dated for, say more than six months and are yet to meet any of his family or friends, that is a huge red flag.

If they are always striving to keep your relationship secretive, they might be embarrassed of you, unwilling to commit or just playing you.

Constant cancelling of plans: Is your partner always busy? Does he always have an excuse to not meet your friends and family? Are your dinner or lunch dates constantly rescheduled or even cancelled? If that’s the story of your relationship, you might want to look into that massive red flag. If your partner truly loves and cherishes you, they will always find time for you as you will be their priority, over and over.

Different goals in life: Last but not least, a relationship is probably doomed to fail when partners have different dreams and goals. You probably want to settle down and have children while your partner still wants to travel and enjoy their life – no matter how much you love each other, when your dreams don’t align, one person is bound to cry foul.

There is only so much you can sacrifice in a relationship. If you are unable to find common ground, it could be time you considered other plans before regrets and blame games start to creep in.

Tip: All in all, life is too short to spend with someone who doesn’t make you happy. If it is meant to be it will be, you shouldn’t force things.
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