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Six Beauty Benefits Of A Cucumber As Face Mask

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Cucumbers are mostly known as a kitchen ingredient for salads and snacks. They’re rich in minerals and vitamins that nourish the body and they’ve always been part of healthy diets.

Now, you can use them for your skin care needs too. It’s not uncommon to find that simple natural ingredients can do the same or even more than other creams, exfoliators and other products we buy. The same list of vitamins and minerals that get absorbed in our bodies when we ingest them actually do wonders for your skin when used topically.

The cucumber is filled with vitamins like B1 and C, biotin, silica, calcium, flavonoids and so many other beneficial properties that can completely turn things around for your skin. And aside from the usual routine of cutting pieces and placing or rubbing them on your skin, you can get more benefits when you use it as a face mask.

Here are some of the benefits you’ll get from a cool cucumber mask.
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Toned skin: Beautifully toned skin is often hard to achieve. We try so many products and pile on different recipes to try and get rid of imperfections. Imperfections will always be there and they’re beautiful. But some can be eliminated with a simple ingredient like cucumber. It detoxifies skin to filter out impurities, fade spots and it’s a natural skin brightener that restores your natural tone.

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Youthful glow: Skin usually shows signs of aging as you get older. The fine lines and wrinkles indicate the depleted levels of collagen as well as elastin. However, the ageing process can be further accelerated by exposure to UV rays and lifestyle habits like drinking and smoking which leads to premature signs of ageing. Cumber masks can be a great solution for slowing down this process and restoring the youthful look before the damage becomes irreversible.

It can boost your collagen levels and nourish your skin with silica and folic acid to curb oxidation.

Moisturised skin: Its high-water content makes it a great, non-reactive moisturizer that works for most skin types. Dry skin can accelerate ageing so this mask will hydrate your skin while nourishing it with other benefits meanwhile.

Acne elimination: Cucumber is also great for sebum control for those with acne prone skin. Also, it unclogs your pores to get rid of excess oil and dead skin cells which is a refreshing property. And as you continue to manage your acne, it tones and perfects the moisture balance which is often a dilemma when you have oily skin. You will have another helpful ingredient that moisturizes without clogging your pores with oil.

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Under eye soothing: The first area that shows you haven’t been getting enough sleep is the under eyes. They swell up and form dark circles giving you the infamous panda eyes effect. The first step should be getting enough rest so that any other treatments you’re doing become effective. After scheduling a proper sleep routine, you can now focus on treating the inflammation and discoloration with the cucumber mask. Some of its components like flavonoids helps reduce the swelling.

Treatment for common skin problems: Sometimes we are faced with problems like sunburns and tans, insect bites and rashes. Cucumbers can quickly cool the redness and ease the pain while treating the area. It can be your ultimate friend when you just want to maintain healthy, toned skin.

Making the mask you need all depends on what you want to treat. You first blend it into a puree then use it as the base ingredient for your mask. Some of the popular ingredients you can add are plain natural yoghurt, which is good for treating dry skin or even cucumber, lemon and honey for toning.

You can make so many cucumber mask combinations to suit you. Do your ground work on the one that will suit you best.
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