Sexual Assaults: Cases In Lagos Increase By 134%

According to the Domestic and Sexual Violence Response Team of the Ministry of Justice, Lagos State, 2018 saw an increase of 134% in rape cases, sexual assault and domestic violence compared to the previous year. According to reports, the office receives an average of 166 cases monthly and got 840 genuine reports via the 6820 emergency shortcode.“The team recorded a major increase in the number of cases handled in 2018. A total number of 2,356 cases, including 1,750 domestic violence cases, 279 child abuse cases, 78 defilement cases, 44 rape cases, 51 attempted rape cases, and 154 other cases were handled. It was discovered that the number of cases increased by 134 percent in the year 2018.” “DSVRT has responded to 439 reports of domestic violence, 215 reports of sexual abuse and 186 reports of child abuse – all reported via the 6820 platforms. What is most exciting about the platform is that it breaks the initial barrier of people not wanting to make formal reports at an office or police station. We are now able to interact directly with survivors and concerned witnesses and take vital steps in dealing with a case.” Photo Credit: Getty


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