Saturday, June 25, 2022

Teacher, 41, Allegedly Had Lesbian Romp With Her 17-year-old Star Pupil After ‘Intimate Photos Leaked Online’

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A top Russian teacher is under investigation after pictures alleging she had an affair with her star student were leaked online. Irina Ibragimkhalimova, 41, a deputy head, is shown in suspected intimate images with Valeria Fedorova, now 18 but 17 during the supposed affair.Russian police said: ‘If the information about a love affair between the teacher and the teenager is proved, a decision about launching a criminal investigation will be made without delay.’ The case has been handed to a police Investigative Committee which examines serious crimes. ‘Valeria and her teacher Irina are suspected of having a true sexual affair and this is supported by the evidence picked up in the social networks of both,’ reported a local news website.‘Screenshots prove that they posted many pictures where they were together, hugging and kissing each other, and one particular photo posted by the teacher is really intimate making everyone think they did have sex.’ Valeria claimed the pictures were altered by Photoshop, but a full scale investigation was launched into the conduct of Ibragimkhalimova, also a biology teacher, who has not commented on the scandal in Borovichi, 275 miles northwest of Moscow.The student said: ‘I have spoken to Irina Ibragimkhalimova and she says she does not have this kind of underwear as in the pictures. It looks very old.’ She had never seen her teacher wear ‘this strange male-style shirt’, she said. ‘And look the the breasts, I am sorry, this is not my size at all, they made it up,’ she told Mash news outlet.Both the teacher – who has an adult son – and student have deleted their accounts, it was reported. They both admit to being ‘friends’ and are backed by head teacher Lyudmila Krupkina. ‘Irina was a good friend to her student from earlier years,’ said Krupkina, who claimed the leak of images could be linked to blackmail.Photo Credit: Getty

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