Rising Star: Meet Pearl Shim Nollywood’s First Korean Actress

Young Nollywood actor Pearl Shim Chioma Mugalla is popularly known as “Little Daniella”. She is born of a South Korean father and a Nigerian mother, she is from Udu LGA, Delta State. Pearl Shim Chioma Mugala

She was born on June 27, 2008, the beautiful 12-year-old actress was born Pearl Shim Oghenetejiri Chioma Mugala. Pearl Shim is a dancer, gymnast, an actor and a model she became famous and had her first big break in 2017, when she starred on the Soul Mate Studio movie “Little Daniella”.

She started acting at the tender age of 9 and has featured in a lot of movies like “Little Daniela” and “My kids” alongside Oguike sisters.

It is reported that the young actress now lives with her auntie in Lagos. This is because she has never seen his father and she lost her mother a few months ago.

See photos of the half Korean and half Nigerian actress below;

Photo Credit: Getty

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