Rema Blows Hot On Twitter As He Goes On A Rant

Rema at the moment is trending on Twitter following a series of tweets where the singer ranted about a lot of issues. The singer shared how he began his journey in the music industry and the sacrifices he’s had to make along the way.

RemaIn his tweets he narrated how he began his music career in Benin with a lot of people trying to stop him from winning. He4 shared that a lot of people labelled him proud and rude because he doesn’t talk or laugh at their jokes. Rema said he doesn’t associate with people because a lot of people don’t care about you and they only associate themselves with you because of what you have to offer.

Rema shared that his brother while he was alive had a lot of friends who came to his parties but when he was dying only two showed up at his death bed. He apologized to his friend Eric for stealing his laptop a few years ago. He thanked Obama for believing in the single Iroman when the rest of the world didn’t understand the sound.

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