Ori Yin Buru! Mr Macaroni Slams Blackmailers, Says He’s Had Enough

Mr Macaroni
Social media comedian Debo Adebayo popularly known as Mr Macaroni has reeled out curses on trolls who are trying to blackmail him for his involvement and lead role in the #EndSARS protests.
Mr Macaroni, had, in a tweet he put out on Wednesday noted that he has been receiving threats since he stepped out into the streets for the protests up until Wednesday when he left Alausa.
Noting that he is not afraid of the threats, Mr Macaroni said he doesn’t tweet about them as he knows they are normal during protests. In a recent tweet, however, he added that he has had his shares of blackmail and will not have it anymore. Adding that he has tried respecting everyone’s views, he noted that he is done with the nice guy attitude.
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I have had my share of blackmails and I won’t have them anymore!!! I have tried my possible best to respect everyone’s views and opinions without engaging anyone directly!! No more Mr Nice Guy!!! If you try to blackmail me, I will address you accordingly!! Ori yin buru!!“, he tweeted.
Debo Macaroni
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