Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Relationship: Ways To Manage An Ex In Your Work Place

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Getting to see your Ex every day at work especially just after a break up, can be quite hard since everything from looks to voice reminds you of good and bad times you shared with them. This scenario can be frustrating especially if it wasn’t you who ended the relationship in the first place. But then, a work place remains a work place and there should be focus. Separation of personal life and work life isn’t easy especially when home is literally at work. Below are five points that may just help you accept and stand the site of your ex.Know Your Stand With Them Emotionally: Do you still have feelings for them? These feelings could be that of love, sexual or hate. But then, you have to be able to admit this to your self. Knowing what you want from them helps in the situation. You should also understand that you do not have to beat your self up for whatever emotions you have.Decide within your self if you are going to be friends with them or not talk to them at all. And if you would you still date them if the chances arise?Also remember that what really matters is you being happy with your decision.

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Never Talk About your Relationship With your Ex At Work: Always remember that its a work place, so relationships should be kept formal. See you ex as a fellow employee and try hard not to remember times with them outside work.

Do Not Say Mean Things About Your EX To Colleagues: No matter how hurt you might feel it is only immature to talk bad about your ex to colleagues at work. Talking about them might aggravate the situation, making it everybody’s business. This wrong step might just get you fired if you are not careful.

Expect Surprises: Always bear in mind that your ex might just move on faster than you expect. They could bring in their dates to work or worse have their date working in your office. This might bring feelings of jealousy, anger, sadness and even self hate. You might find your self comparing your self with your dates but then also remember that you ex might just be going through one of these feeling and bringing in a date to the office might just be a way to get your attention.

Be Sweet To Your EX: As hard it might be, try to be polite and to them even if they might be rude to you. Your first instinct might just be to hurt them as hard as possible. But you would have to be the better person so as not to pass a wrong message to your boss and other employees at work.

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If Your Ex Ignores You, Follow Suite: Do not try getting their attention if they show signs of not wanting you around them. Ignoring them might just be for the best.

Get Used To Their Presence: With time you would definitely get used to them being around them without having any hurt or mushy feeling. Time does a great job when it comes to healing. Let time heal your hurts.
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