Relationship Talk: 4 Things Your Lady Never Wants To Hear

Communication is among the most important aspects of a relationship. Lack of communication can hurt your love life. A man should ensure there is proper communication in your relationship. However there are certain things ladies don’t want their man to tell them.
here are 4 of the words ladies don’t want to hear from their woman:
1 “We Need To Talk”: This words is so dreaded, that when they hear it, they think the worst. when a man tells a lady that, it certainly means there is a problem.
2 “You Never Help Me”: The statement is hard-hitting. Your lady won’t like to hear that fact said she is not of help in his life, indirectly calling her a liability.

3 “You Don’t Know How I’m Feeling”: This is an indication that things are falling apart. Lady has to understand how her man feels, whenever a man makes such words, it simply means all is not well in his heart.
4 “I Hate Your Friends”: Ladies love their friends dearly. They tend to keep their friends to the very end. A guy telling a girl bluntly that he hates her friends, that words is like a spear to her which can cause heart ache. This also means the guy telling is planning to leave, which will make her choose between her guy and her friends, knowing fully that ladies believes in the world of friendship.
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