Relationship: Have More Sex And Laugh More – 9 Things Science Says Will Make You Happier In 2018

The new year is on us and all of us have made different  New Year resolutions. We want to lose weight, gain weight, make more money, be better person and be generally happier.If you want to truly have a happy New Year, positive psychology specialist Florence Servan-Schreiber suggests 9 easy things you can do to lift your mood, which are scientifically-proven to have a positive effect on the brain.1. MAKE LOVE MORE OFTEN Sexually active individuals are generally more optimistic and positive for the simple reason that sex leads to the release of serotonin, a natural antidepressant. Give free rein to your emotions and let all that nervous tension ease away.2. LAUGH MORE Laughter, like exercise, makes the body produce endorphins – the happiness hormones – and strengthens our immune system.3. SPEND MORE TIME WITH FRIENDS Social interactions play an important role in improving quality of life, health and happiness levels.4. SHOW COMPASSION Neuroscientists and psychologists have found that altruism lowers levels of cortisol (the stress hormone), reducing inflammation, slowing heart rate, reducing blood pressure and pain.5. EAT FOOD RICH IN OMEGA-3 FATTY ACIDS Several studies have highlighted a link between omega-3 fatty acids and improved mood. Found in nuts – particularly walnuts – as well as seeds (chia, linseed), oily fish and certain oils (canola, walnut, linseed), these essential fatty acids are veritable mood lifters.6. MEDITATE Meditation focuses the mind and body on the present moment. This allows us to take control of the body’s autopilot and curb wandering thoughts. With regular practice (10 minutes per day at first), you can learn to appease mind and body, and bring about a state of calm.7. GET BUSY IN THE GARDEN Mowing the lawn, digging, picking and gathering, stacking wood, weeding and raking are all manual activities which, as well as connecting us to the real world, help awaken all five senses and focus attention on the task in hand, not unlike hypnosis.8. TAKE A NAP Napping for 30 minutes per day has many health benefits, while also making us more efficient and creative.9. GET BACK TO NATURE Walks in the countryside can not only make us happier but also reduce our tendency to mull over and dwell on negative thoughts. If the sun is shining, the mood-lifting benefits will be even greater. Plus, wide open spaces can fill us with awe and wonder, which can help foster feelings of fulfillment.Photo Credit: Getty


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