Thursday, October 21, 2021

Relationship: What If It Doesn’t Lead To Marriage?

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Earlier today, I came across something that got me thinking. A guy shared his best friend’s experience with a particular lady and though it did sound hilarious, I realised that this was an issue a lot of ladies were dealing with. Apparently, Mr boyfriend was tired of the relationship and called up the lady in question around 2:00pm to break up with her on the phone. He gets home 7:00pm in the evening only to find her in the kitchen preparing dinner as though nothing happen. Several attempts at break up and continuous failure after, Mr boyfriend gives up and decides to marry her. I found it funny as well because of the eventual outcome but it raised another question in my mind; So what, if he doesn’t marry her?.

When we start out new relationships most of us start in hopes of being with our partner’s permanently. The initial feeling of our lives being perfect makes it difficult to dwell on reality; we are just happy and hope to remain that way. Reality is all the more traumatising for those who are just entering the relationship pool. The first break up feels like an amputation; you have to start relearning simple routines that you have previously built around your ex-partner. Like I love to reiterate, times have changed and most of us have refused to catch up with the century. Back in the days a man might have been obligated to marry a woman after being caught maybe just holding her ungloved hands, but now obligations are hardly the norm. You can spend half of your adult life co-habiting with a man and he would still not pop the question or spend a decade wearing an engagement ring and never make it to the altar, so what do you do when he refuses to make things official? In such a situation what you need to remember is that love is not a do or die affair. He doesn’t want you doesn’t mean someone else wouldn’t, so don’t waste precious time waiting for what might never happen. I believe every woman deserves to be loved and appreciated but that love shouldn’t be at the expense of your dignity as a human being. If he thinks you are good enough to be a girlfriend and not good enough to marry, then you shouldn’t compound your problems by remaining in a situation that isn’t working for you. I guess the whole point of my philosophical rant is that the world won’t end if he doesn’t marry you, so get moving already, life awaits you.
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