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Relationship: If These 3 Things Happen To You Then You Are In The Wrong Relationship

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There may not be hard or fast rules to determining whether or not you are in a wrong relationship but as always, there will be indications if something is fundamentally wrong somewhere. If a relationship is “meant to be” or not is often determined by how much work each partner decides to put into the relationship. And if you feel you’ve done all that you can, and it still didn’t work out, then the relationship wasn’t meant to be. A previous failed relationship may not necessarily have the same symptoms as a new one, but here are few things to look out for
You Don’t Feel Like You: Everything you’ve liked about yourself, who you are, what makes you uniquely you, is gone or faded. Unfortunately, this happens a lot in relationships. And it happens very gradually – otherwise we would stop it right away. Sometimes partners try to control us and stamp it as love. Over time, this strips away at who we are or want to be. Then one day, we wake up, look in the mirror and don’t recognise ourselves anymore. This is a sign, a bad one.

You Are Constantly Trying To Prove Your Worth: It’s bad enough that we have to constantly seek our worth in the world. But if we’re also doing this in our relationship, there’s something wrong. That’s the one place where you shouldn’t have to prove your worth. But how do you know if you’re constantly trying to prove your worth? First, start by acknowledging that there’s a difference between seeking approval and validation, which we all do to a certain extent, and seeking your worth or value.
You Don’t Feel Like You Are In A Relationship: Many people get to a state where they let life happen to them instead of allowing them to happen to life — engaging and truly living at their fullest, making their dent in the universe. You start to go through the motions of life rather than fully living yours. This can also happen in relationships. You know the relationship but no longer engage in it. You know that you’re “taken,” not single. You know the important dates and when to buy gifts. You know the routine for dinner. You know what s/he likes in bed. But all this is information, not presence. The relationship is no longer built on passion. It’s built on routines.
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