‘Come On Champion!’ Randy Couple Have Sex On The Beach In Front Of Cheering Onlookers

Here’s is the bold moment a randy couple have sex in the water in front of dozens of beach-goers. A woman is seen bouncing on a man wearing a baseball hat as she has her arms wrapped around his neck, at an unspecified beach in north-west Argentina.As the woman is twisting herself up and down her partner, an unidentified man rushes towards them with what appears to be a selfie-stick. He runs to take a picture of the lovebirds as onlookers can be heard laughing. At this point of the video, many on the beach begin to focus their attention on the romping couple.One man can be heard saying: “Come on champion!” But the cheering crowds and dozens of onlookers don’t seem to bother the brazen pair, who just keep going. When the pair finally appear to stop the woman buries her face in her partner’s chest as the crowd cheer and applaud.A group of three men then approach the couple in the water and start splashing as it is clear the lovebirds want a moment. The camera pans to the beach showing the scores of people who were sitting and watching the spectacle.Photo Credit: Getty


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