Capturing Pictures Is A Great Sin – Islamic Scholar

A perceived Islamic scholar has left many Nigerians in shock as he revealed taking pictures and sharing same on social media platforms are against the will of God.
Abiona Taofeek Altruist, an Osun State indigene took to his Facebook page to note this, stating that the simple act of capturing is a great sin.Snapping Pictures Is A Great Sin - Islamic ScholarHe then prayed for people who have not for once put out their pictures on social media. He went ahead to pray for those who do, who according to him are stubborn, that God softens their hearts. He then revealed
May Allah bless those brothers and sisters who have not for once uploaded their pictures on social media, and may He soften the heart of those stubborn people who are so fond of doing it.
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“Just stop capturing a picture, it’s indéed a great sin. Repent now and turn back to Your Lord[Allah]. May Allah forgive our shortcomings, give us the best understanding of His Deen[Islam] and preserve us upon sunnah and goodness.”
Snapping Pictures Is A Great Sin - Islamic Scholar
Abiona Taofeek schools on capturing and sharing images on social media
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