Police Visit Tyrese Gibson’s Home After A Prank Video Went Wrong

Police rushed to the Los Angeles home of Tyrese Gibson after being called by concerned viewers of his latest video, which appears to show a kidnapping.
The video posted at 3 AM — shows the man bound and gagged and it looks like he’s being held hostage.
The Fast and Furious star says menacing things while smoking a cigar over comedian Michael Blackson, who is bound, gagged and looking terrified in the footage.Gibson appears to be taking revenge on the funnyman, who was one of many people that mercilessly mocked his recent tearful meltdowns over a bitter custody battle and feud with Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson.
When police arrived at the scene, however, they were assured the ‘hostage situation’ was all part of an elaborate prank that Blackson was in on, reports TMZ.In addition to the video posted on Gibson’s Facebook page, several clips were uploaded to Blackson’s Instagram account.
“Shit is funny until it ain’t funny no more,” Gibson taunts Blackson in the video.
“You catch a n**ga going through some personal shit with my daughter – at what point were you going to say, ‘I’m doing to much’? How are you going to be on my back, on some funny shit, while I’m in the middle of a tragedy?”Photo Credit: Getty


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