Pimps Brother Put Metal Balls In Their Penises To Make Rape More Painful

Blood brothers accused of beating and raping women they forced into prostitution once inserted metal balls into their penises to cause more pain to their victims during sex, a court has heard.Cristian and Sebastian Sandulache are accused of human trafficking, coercive prostitution, and money laundering and would allegedly make £8,800 a night by making their victims have sex. The pair from Romania are facing 600 years in prison for ‘a catalogue of crimes’ carried out at the brothel they ran in Oviedo, Spain. The duo used a henchman, Ionut Baciu, to ‘bring more water’ to help the women to swallow the money, and warned: ‘If this happens again, next time you eat in coins.’ The court was told that when they were previously in jail, the siblings made a series of cuts along their penises and inserted small metal balls into the incisions. It is said to make sex more pleasurable to the men but more painful to the women they raped. Victims, known only as AC and AGM, described their experiences in court, saying they were tricked into believing the men were their boyfriends in their home country of Romania.They travelled to Spain with the brothers after being promised a better way of life, but when they arrived they were beaten, raped and forced to become prostitutes. One victim told the court that the younger brother, Cristian, would threaten to ‘fire’ or burn her mother and grandmother, while another victim said they threatened to rape her younger sister if she did not do as they told.  Some of the victims, who both the brothers would regularly rape, became pregnant but were sent back to Romania and forced to have abortions. Another victim had practiced wrestling in Romania for several years so was physically strong and as a result was given much harsher beatings by the brothers, the court heard. They allegedly beat her so badly she couldn’t get out of bed for a week, then they cut off her arm with a katana samurai sword. Despite the women making €10,000 a night for the two brothers, they were only paid €200 – around £175 – every fortnight. The Sandulaches would send most of the money back to Romania for their relatives and neighbours, the court was told. Both men have been bailed as they are not deemed a flight risk. Their trial continues.Photo Credit: Getty


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